Contract and Consulting Services

Volitans Software is offers two types of contract and consulting services: Cocoa programming and Mac OS X system administration and integration. Both are offered at competitive and negotiable prices, including deliverables- or time-based payments. Please contact for more information.

Mac OS X and iPhone Mac OS X and iPhone

Volitans Software offers Cocoa programming for both contract and consulting work. We can work with any company and on any project (or part of a project)- large or small. If you just need an object written- we can do that. If you need a whole application written- we can do that too. And of course, anything in between- user interface design, application design, integration with other applications and services, frameworks, file formats, and many more. We offer both writing the code and consulting advice on projects.

Mac OS X System Administration and Integration

Volitans Software also offers consulting on Mac OS X system administrator and integration. An Apple certified technician can help you with all of your Mac OS X client and server needs. We offer OS X client setups for easy deployment, OS X Server setup and configuration, Open Directory and Active Directory integration with both OS X clients and Windows clients, as well as network advice to support OS X setups. We also offer troubleshooting in all of these areas as well. We can manage a setup from start to finish, or we can come into an already setup OS X environment and troubleshoot issues. We can work with 10.3-10.5 and beyond systems, as well as Windows 2000, XP, and Vista if need be.

Last Updated: 05/27/14
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