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Kerio and iPhone OS 3.0: Follow Up

The last time I talked about Kerio and iPhone OS 3.0, my mail on my iPhone wasn’t working. To recap, Apple blamed Kerio, and Kerio wasn’t very helpful.

Well, I updated to 3.0 Beta 3, and that fixed the problem I was having. Now I can successfully read emails again on my iPhone. I realized how much it sucked to not have it. I’m not sure why Apple blamed Kerio, and yet an Apple update fixed the problem. Regardless, I’m just glad its working now.

As a side note, Kerio is now on Twitter. Which is a good thing for customer service. Its a great way to get feedback from your customers and address issues head on- even if they never contact the company they are talking about it. Even Comcast has had a lot of success at this. Its a good trend to see companies make an effort to listen to their customers.