Volitans Software

SMART Utility 2.0.1 is out

Its mostly just bug fixes and small additions. I must thank Ronald Leroux for all his hard work keeping up with the French localizations. Get it here.

Here are the release notes:

– Added anonymous system information capturing with Sparkle (with preference to disable)

– Added support for French localized self test status (in the Test display window)

– Added support for French localized Growl messages

– Fixed bug where running tests would sometimes cause a crash

– Fixed bug where label in attributes window would not show correct temperature label

– Fixed two small memory leaks with tests

– Optimized scanning algorithm to improve scanning speeds

– Renamed test time ran column to “Power On Hours When Ran” to be more clear about the number means

– Re-organized the preferences window to remove duplicate text as well as shrink the window itself

– The smartctl binary is now a single file- allowing easier replacement