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Another Example of Bad Customer Service

Volitans Software holds Customer Service in high regard. We take care of our customers whenever they have a complaint. If they need a discount or a refund, we process that quickly. I make sure of that because without customers there would be no Volitans Software. I’m also a customer as well, so I know the other side too.

So when I come across something like this it gets my blood boiling. The jist of it is that flypenfly was sold defective RAM from OWC that did not work properly in his MacBook Pro. It only worked in 9600 mode, but not 9400 mode. He contacted Customer Service, they identified the issue, and sent him new RAM.

But then they charged him $30 for the new RAM, because it was an “upgrade”- except it wasn’t, because the old RAM was defective. They will not budge, and that is outrageous. I was planning on upgrading my MacBook’s HD from OWC, but there is no way that is going to happen now. I will just buy it from NewEgg now.

Its sad, since OWC had some nice products. But Customer Service shows me what type of company a business is, and OWC doesn’t seem like a good one.

Rest assured that Volitans Software will always communicate you in a profession manner, will listen to all complaints, suggestions, and other comments, and will never charge anything the customer does not want.

Update: This is a little late, but if you followed the forum thread, OWC finally fixed the issue to their customer’s satisfaction. I’m happy to say that everything worked out like it should. They also emailed me and said “but issue just should never have happened. And as you can tell from actions both past and present, we take our reputation and our commitment to the customer pretty seriously from the very top.”

Given that they resolved everything perfectly, I actually ordered a new HD and a RAM upgrade for my MacBook last month. As usual, everything came quick and correct. I have always been happy with OWC, and I would highly recommend ordering from them.