Volitans Software

SMART Utility 2.1.1 is Out

This one’s mostly bug fixes. Get it here.

Full Release Notes:

– Fixed bug where on new installs scans every 50 seconds instead of every hour
– Fixed bug where polling preference time shows unknown time
– Fixed bug where error window would not open on some drives
– Fixed bug where reading health would cause an exception
– Fixed bug where outputting debug message would cause crash in self test log
– Fixed bug where with French localization where main window and tests window would not localize self test error statuses
– Fixed default opening tab for preferences
– Fixed a small memory leak
– Improved debug log information output
– Now Main window saves its position
– Updated help with changes to polling as well as two new FAQs
– Updated eSellerate embedded engine to
– Updated Growl framework to 1.2 (which is 10.5 only but should still work for 10.4 Growl installs)