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SMART Utility 2.2.1 is Out!

I’m please to release version 2.2.1 of SMART Utility. The biggest features are progress bar for opening files, a 64 bit build, and a new feedback system.

Note that there are now 2 builds. Because of how Apple’s development tools work, the 64bit build can only be compiled with the 10.5 SDK. There are also some bug fixes and changes that allow for newer features. So if you are running 10.5 or 10.6, run the 10.5+ build. Only use the 10.4 build on 10.4 (though it will run on 10.5 and 10.6). If you don’t know which to use, download the 10.4 build.

Download 10.4 Build

Download 10.5+ Build

Full Release Notes:

– Added support for 64 bit build (10.5+ build only)

– Added progress bar for opening drive reports (10.5+ build only)

– Added Clear Log button in log window

– Fixed a crash on 10.4 systems

– Fixed bug reading in drive attributes where extra line would appear

– Fixed spacing of log output

– Fixed two spelling mistakes in preferences

– Now ignores errors from attribute 190 by default

– Improved error handling in certain conditions

– Removed deprecated API calls and replaced with modern ones

– Removed Smart Crash Reports and replaced with UKCrashReporter for 10.6 support

– Removed built in feedback system and replaced with UKFeedbackProvider, also now sends all logs automatically