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The Verizon iPhone

The Verizon iPhone is here. There is a lot of joyous cheers around the tech world. However, I am not as excited. I’m glad that more customers can see the joy of the iPhone, and hopefully by spreading out iPhone usage, the cell networks will be more usable.

But at least for me, ATT is a much better service were I live. Data is much faster on the ATT network. ATT’s network support simultaneous voice and data, which I use a fair amount (just yesterday in fact, checking email while one the phone). I also have a dislike of Verizon that goes back to their Bluetooth blocking in the early 2000’s. The prices are also the same, so for me there isn’t a reason to change.

However, its still a good thing to have more choice. Competition between the carriers will only serve to make the experience great for everyone, and cheaper.