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SMART Utility 3.0 is Out!

Finally, after many long nights, I’m excited to announce that SMART Utility 3.0 has been released. There are many new features and bug fixes in this release. This includes a menu icon, so the application does not need to be running, as well as some interface enhancements.

Download for 10.5 (Leopard) and 10.6 (Snow Leopard).

Download for 10.4 (Tiger) here.

If you aren’t sure which version you have, here is how you can tell. Leopard and Snow Leopard have a black magnifying glass in the upper right hand corner. Tiger has a blue one.

Here are the full release notes:

  • Added menu extra, which uses app’s preferences to operate, including periodic checks and Growl notifications
  • Added last time updated to main window
  • Fixed a Growl notification misname for failed drives
  • Fixed a bug where the estimated time at the beginning of tests would be reported wrong
  • Fixed a bug where the info windows attached to a drive report would not close after closing the drive report
  • Fixed a bug where the Tests window would not close after scanning for new drives
  • Fixed a few bugs where setting preferences to only alert on new changes still caused some attributes and tests to be highlighted as failing
  • Fixed a bug where More Info button did not have a space between the words
  • Fixed a bug that would cause a harmless error message to pop up
  • Fixed a bug where test information in main window would not clear out when switching to an unsupported drive
  • Fixed a few memory leaks
  • Forced running in 32 bit on 10.5 due to OS issues
  • Now estimated time remaining in tests is a little more accurate at beginning of test (no more Calculating)
  • Now capacity shows in gigabytes
  • Now if there is only one partition, that will be displayed instead of /dev/diskX
  • Reordered general preferences for better organization and readability
  • Updated help to add information about tests
  • Updated smartctl engine to 5.40, which adds better support for SSDs as well as bug fixes

Enjoy! Please report any bugs to the Support email.