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Fare Thee Well, Steve

Steve Jobs resigned as CEO last night, news that was expected, but was nonetheless shocking. I have been a huge Apple fan since I was given my first Mac: a PowerBook 180- running at 33MHz, with 16 bit grayscale LCD, a 120MB HD, and 14MB of RAM. That Mac still runs (albeit with a fan on it). Its amazing how far Apple has come after that, from the doldrums of the Performa era, to the wonders of OSX, MacBooks, iPhones, and iPads. And what’s even more amazing, is that Steve has been the leading taking Apple into greatness.

For the short-term Apple will be fine. Steve may have had the vision, but he passed on his ideas to others, and many people under him who implemented the vision understand it. For the long-term, well that’s up in the air. If Steve did it right, then maybe Apple will be around for a long time.

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