Volitans Software

State of the Company

Volitans Software is doing well, at least from my expectations and desires. VS has been around for over nine years, and a lot has changed in the Apple world- mostly for the better (the loss of Steve Jobs being one of the few exceptions). SMART Utility has been out for nearly eight years itself, and the code base is in decent shape. That’s especially good considering it was written for 10.4 and runs on 10.10. However, adopting new OS technologies has been held back due to keeping backward compatibility.

Version 3.2 will change that. Version 3.2 will drop support for 10.5, 10.6, and 10.7. Combined, they only make up 20% of the users of SMART Utility, and that number is dropping fast. Dropping support for 10.8 also might be added, as that is only 11% of the users of SMART Utility. There will be a lot of code refactoring, and a lot of new features due to supporting new OS technologies. This will set the stage for version 4.0, which will add a brand new UI among other features that are in development.

In addition to SMART Utility, there are three iOS apps in planning stages or in development. These are exciting times for Mac and iOS development, and Volitans Software is committed to supporting existing and new users.