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The Future of SMART Utility

We wanted to give an update on SMART Utility. As you probably know, version 4.0 is much delayed. This lead to a re-evaluation of the roadmap. Version 4.0 was too ambitious for a single release, especially re-designing the interface. So the revise plan is this:

Version 3.3 (out in a few weeks): Some new features and a bunch of bug fixes

Version 4.0 (out in six months): Re-work the algorithm to better match todays drives

Version 5.0 (out in one to two years): Re-design the interface

While a new interface is the sexy feature, the core algorithm work is much more important. This roadmap is much more achievable, and since there will be point releases in between, better updates instead of delaying everything.

Please send us any questions via email ([email protected]) or Twitter (https://twitter.com/VolitansSW)