Volitans Software

Compatibility with Big Sur Update

This information is way later than it should have been!

SMART Utility is fully compatible with Intel Macs running Big Sur. This includes the external driver! It was fully compatible by Beta 10, and the initial release (11.0) was the same.

Both SMART Utility and the external driver were also tested on 11.1, 11.2, and now 11.3, and the compatibility remains. The only issue that arises is on reboot, you may have to unplug and replug in any external drives to get them to show up.

However, for M1 Macs running Big Sur, it should be compatible but not the external driver. We just received our first M1 Mac here (a Mac Mini) so we will be testing soon.

Likely it will require version 4.0 to be native, based on some code we need to update. That should be released soon however!