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iPhone Dev Program: Step 2

I’m on Step 2. I finally received an email to fax my information on my business to Apple to confirm my application to the iPhone Developer Program. I applied online about 3 weeks ago. I hate the lack of information Apple gives on your status. Why can’t they develop a nice little form that shows checkboxes. Applied: Check. Fax business form: Email sent, waiting for reply. And so forth.

The lack of transparency about the whole process is a big problem. And not only for applying to the program, but for submitting an application as well. They need the same type of form I suggested above for submitting an application. Application received: Check. Bug scan: Check. UI: Check. Application type: OK. And so forth. 

People can deal with waiting as long as they know where they stand. Having no way to find out causes a lot of needless consternation- and bad will on the side of Apple.

This looks new…

We’ve remodeled! Welcome to the new Volitans Software site. Its been a couple of weeks in the making. There might be a few issues here and there, but we’ll work it out as we go along. The only thing that still needs done is the store- but I figured I can get the main site and blog up and running and work on the store later.

I’ve moved from using iWeb for the entire website to a free template from Reddy Software for the main site and WordPress 2.6.2 for the blog. iWeb was great, and it certainly served its purpose- especially for a starter website. But it has its quirks, the blog part isn’t very good, and the biggest thing that I hate about is I can only upload to .Mac MobileMe directly from.

Its also hard for someone like me to design a website- I’m a programmer not a designer. So I had a friend (Ian Maffett) modify the free template for my needs. It looks a ton better than my old site. I also had a new logo done by OneToad Design– which is also a lot better than my hand made one. And of course using WordPress is so nice- especially because I can write a post on the web and not have upload it like iWeb.

So take a look around, and tell me what you think! Shoot me a email with any comments.

Thanks for stopping by.