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iPhone OS 3.0 and Kerio: Word of Warning

Sigh. I don’t understand why companies must do things to harm their customers. I experience it all the time. And it is for stupid reasons too. I’m amazed any of them stay in business.

My day time job uses Kerio MailServer 6 as our email system. It ties nicely into ActiveDirectory and has a decent WebMail client. It also offers Exchange support- including ActiveSync. And they even support the iPhone.

Well, partially support. Whatever they do to use ActiveSync is broken. They had to “enable” iPhone support in their most recent release once iPhone OS 2.0 came out. Now, I don’t know why they need to have custom support for the iPhone- ActiveSync is ActivceSync- but they do.

They apparently also need to enable support for 3.0, because once I upgraded I could see previews of mail, but I could not read them- it told me I the message was never downloaded, even though it was.

So I contact their customer support- what a waste. “Its still in beta, we won’t support it.” Well, what about the fact that I can’t roll back to 2.0. “Some people have, try it.” Which ignores Apple’s warning about rolling back to 2.0. Well, how about a warning. “We don’t need to put a warning about beta software.” GAAAAAH.

What poor customer service- and what a poorly designed product. I’m not sure what they have to enable, but the fact that they have to enable something makes me wary. What if they don’t have the support enabled in time for 3.0’s release? What if a company had all iPhones, and need 3.0 for a feature?

In any case, I now have non-functioning mail access on my phone. And one the reasons I was testing it out was for landscape mode in Mail.

Sad, really.

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