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Apple Allowed to Intervene in Lodsys Case

This may be a bit of old news at this point, but its still great news. Apple can now offer a defense to those developers being attacked by Lodsys. Hopefully they can defeat them, and then Lodsys will be out of business.

A sad note to come out of this is that some developers caved and started paying Lodsys. I understand the logic (saving money), but its only a short term gain. If they fought and lost, they would pay regardless. But by paying, they only funding Lodsys to go after developers like me, and that hurts the whole industry. And they also set a precedence for other patent trolls to come after small developers. Sure, its only 1% now, but when there are 50 companies asking 1% because nobody fault, then that’s a huge problem.

2 comments to “Apple Allowed to Intervene in Lodsys Case”

  1. Brian · May 3, 2012 · Permalink

    You need to understand that Apple being allowed to intervene is far different from apple intervening. It is widely reported that Apple only did this as a public relations measure and have yet to show any real intention to support developers.

  2. matt · May 10, 2012 · Permalink

    This is a good point Brian. I don’t like how little Apple is doing to intervene. Funding a lawyer group to help out the small developers would be much better- and they certainly have the money to do that. That would do way more for the PR.

    But at least they are intervening at all- unlike Google.