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Watchman Monitoring Gets SMART(ER) Utility

Volitans Software is proud to announce a new partnership with Watchman Monitoring! Watchman Monitoring is a Software as a Service (SaaS) offering which monitors the health of Mac, Linux, and Windows computers. Part of that monitoring is drive health. Prior to this partnership, Watchman could only monitor the standard SMART status. As users of SMART Utility know, that is usually not enough as other hidden problems could be there.

Now with SMART Utility built in, Watchman Monitoring subscribers can be alerted to the same prefail warnings that current SMART Utility customers have. Watchman Monitoring is great for companies and organizations with many Macs to keep them abreast of changes and issues, such as drive problems.

Of course, to really see all of a drives issues, Watchman customers will want to purchase the full SMART Utility. The plugin for Watchman is only a limited one- enough to know there are issues, but not enough to fully diagnose it.

Both Volitans Software and Watchman Monitoring are excited for this partnership. This will greatly benefit both our customers to maintain working drives and safe data.


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  1. Watchman Monitoring · November 11, 2015 · Permalink

    We’ve been quite impressed with the level of detail Matthew brings to his coding, and are happy to support SMART Utility.

  2. Watchman Monitoring · November 17, 2015 · Permalink

    IT Service Provider – Owning a Consultants License is the best way to show support for the great work provided by Volitans Software.

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